November 2023

Herzlich Willkommen liebe Nina!

Seit einem Monat ist sie nun vor Ort und gibt uns hier einen kleinen Einblick in ihre Arbeit:

„I‘ve been in Athens for one month now. After getting the van ready, we started to visit two camps every week. On monday we go to Ritsona and on friday to Thiva. Together with our coordinator Teresa, the team of MVI and different translators we welcome the women in our van.

I check on pregnant women and women who recently delivered their babies. The midwifery work is probably the same as anywhere, just the whole surroundings are of course way different.

The women have to deal, apart from the pregnancy, with other kind of difficulties which come with a life in a refugee camp. For example the communication is difficult since there are not always interpreters in the camp and it seems like there is a lack of medical staff in the camps. So they sometimes come to us for an ultrasound or with a receipt for medication. When we can, we try to help or otherwise try to find a solution with other organisations and link them up.“

Danke für deine Arbeit, liebe Nina! 

Pictures: Hanna-Maria Rydberg (